ComputerMend Members are a Varied Group

Any group of individuals will have similarities and differences, and the ComputerMend network of computer repair technicians is no exception. I have been talking to the people who have joined the network, and I can honestly say, they are as varied a group as it is possible to imagine. What they all have in common is the passion for providing the highest quality services in computer repair, software support and other support services, at the best possible price, to keep you up to speed and online.

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Most popular services

Many of the technicians report that their most popular service is the removal of viruses, spyware and malware. This is not really surprising as we are all under attack from malign forces every time we visit web sites or open emails and texts. Following on from removing the bad stuff is preventing it getting there in the first place, so provision and updates to anti-virus software and firewalls is another popular service.

The next most frequent service seems to be screen repairs and replacements, especially for laptops and tablets. Another popular repair is jack socket replacement, again for laptops and tablets. It seems we are all pretty clumsy with our portable devices!

Remote support is becoming more popular, with technicians offering online and telephone support for people who need to get a problem fixed and don’t know where to start. Performing regular remote data backups for homes and businesses is another area where the technicians provide a vital service – it’s so easy to lose vital data, and these guys can be a life-saver.

Custom builds are another way that the ComputerMend members can help their customers – some of them offer to build you a PC or a laptop to your own specification, or to meet a specific budget. This service is particularly popular with gamers who have specific needs for performance, and also with businesses who may have particular requirements on budgets.

Other services – just ask

Our technicians offer many and varied services outside the mainstream of computer repairs and software services. For example, many of them stock an excellent range of computer and gaming accessories and peripherals, even though their sites may seem rather small. One technician described his premises to me as resembling the TARDIS from Dr Who, and having seen how much stuff he manages to get into a small space, I agree with him.

Some technicians offer printer supplies too, and not only sell new ink cartridges, but can refill your old ones too, which can work out much cheaper than new branded originals.

Web design is another offering that I have come across, plus e-cigarette equipment, phone repairs (no real surprise there) and support for other electronic gadgets.

Years of experience

The youngest technician I met was only 20 years old, and has been involved in computer repairs for 4 years already, others are of a more mature aspect, with over 25 and even 30 years in the electronics business. So, you can see that this group of people is totally diverse, but united under one banner – the provision of the best quality hardware and software support services across the UK, and all with a smile!

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