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There is a huge variety of tablet computers available, from many different manufacturers, and our technicians are experienced in repairing them all. Whether your tablet is an Apple iPad or was made by Sony, Amazon, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Huawei or Xiaomi, if you need a repair or other tablet support services, we can help. We offer hardware, networking and software services to homes and business all around the UK, and all at an affordable cost. Our technicians may be knowledgeable, but they won’t baffle you with technical details, unless that’s what you want, so for all services related to tablets, contact the ComputerMend technicians.

Our aim is always to provide the best quality and value in tablet repair and support solutions. Whether you need an operating system upgrade, or you have a sticking power button, our technicians can fix it for you. We can visit your home or office to upgrade or repair your tablet, install WiFi or provide network support. On the other hand, you may prefer to visit your nearest repair centre and we can upgrade or repair your tablet while-u-wait – the choice is yours.

Speak with the technicians direct

Because of the wide variety of makes and models of tablet, and the huge number of repair and upgrade services we can provide, it is impossible to list them all. You will see a selection of our most popular tablet repair and upgrade services, but if you can’t see your own particular problem, don’t worry. Simply contact our technicians and they will be happy to talk through your issue.

At the top of the page you will find a box for you to input your postcode - do that and you will find contact details for your local technicians. You can call them direct, or you can fill in the online form for a free, no-obligation quote for your repair or upgrade.

Our technicians are multi-skilled and have access to the latest and best in diagnostic tools and equipment, and they can quickly diagnose your tablet problems, and suggest a cost-effective solution. From screen repairs and replacements to software upgrades – if you don’t see it on our list, please just ask, we are bound to be able to help.

Our services

Here is a short list of the tablet repairs and services that our technicians encounter most frequently. However, there are many more services available, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, you only have to ask. We are proud of our rapid, friendly service and fair prices.

  • Set up your new tablet
    If you’ve bought a new tablet, getting it set up and learning to use it can seem a bit bewildering. Tablets are generally expensive to buy, and it’s important that you get it set up properly, otherwise you won’t get the best out of it. The ComputerMend technicians can go through the whole setup process for you, ensuring your tablet is working at its best right from the start.

    Because the technicians have experience in so many models and makes of tablet computer, they know all the wrinkles. They will ensure (for example) you have the correct version of operating system and apps, that you can send and receive emails, and that auto-updates are running. They can set up your network or WiFi connections and test them out, then hand you your tablet, fully functional and ready for use.

  • Tablet performance problems
    Is your tablet running more slowly than it used to, or are you getting more frequent error messages and crashes? It’s really irritating when a previously slick and quick electronic gadget begins to slow down, so treat your tablet to a thorough data clean-up and tune-up. Our repair centres are set up with the latest in diagnostic tools and equipment, so the technicians can offer a full diagnostic service to identify the source of any problems with your tablet.

    Our technicians will test out your tablet to find out what is causing the performance problems – it could be hardware, software, data storage, any number of factors. They will then decide on the best course of action which may be simply to clear down unwanted data and remove redundant apps, or maybe a more technical fix is needed. Having implemented the required action, they will test your tablet to ensure it’s working as well as possible and then hand it back to you.

  • Tablet screen and LCD problems
    The front glass and the LCD are the two areas of your tablet that are most susceptible to damage, yet they are crucial to enable you to get the best out of your handheld device. A cracked, scratched or damaged front glass or LCD can make it impossible to operate the tablet successfully, so if you have knocked or dropped your tablet and it has suffered damage, you need to put it into the hands of the experts without delay.

    Our technicians will first of all establish whether the damage is to the front screen glass only, or if the LCD itself has been damaged. Our technicians operate a ‘repair first’ policy, and can often make a repair where other repair centres will recommend a screen replacement or even scrapping off a device. You can trust them to give you honest advice about the cost-effectiveness of any repairs before they proceed to carry them out. Once they have completed the LCD repair or screen replacement, they will test out your tablet and then hand it back to you as good as new.

  • Liquid damage repairs
    You may be surprised at how often our technicians are called on to repair liquid damaged tablets – whether they have been dropped into a puddle, or a drink has been spilled over them. If your tablet has been involved in contact with any type of liquid, there are a few things you need to do to try to salvage the situation.

    • Remove the tablet from the liquid, and try to remove as much liquid from the surfaces as possible using absorbent paper or a towel. Don’t use a hairdryer, as this may dry any residues into a sticky mess which will cause problems later.
    • Switch the tablet off, and slide it into a plastic bag along with enough dry (uncooked) rice to cover it entirely front and back.
    • Don’t switch the tablet back on again – take it to your nearest ComputerMend repair centre, or call out a repair technician without delay.

    Our technicians will carefully clean and dry your tablet, and if necessary will open it up to ensure the internal workings have not been damaged. Having completed any necessary repairs, they will carefully power it up again and thoroughly test it out. If the liquid damage proves to have been fatal to your device, they will offer advice on recovering the data from it and recommend next steps.

  • Tablet hardware repairs
    There are many aspects of a tablet that can wear out or become damaged during use, and our technicians are able to carry out many and varied repairs and replacements. For example, batteries will gradually lose the ability to hold a charge, so battery replacement is a routine task for them. If the tablet is not holding a charge, it might be the charging port that needs repair or replacement rather than the battery. The Home button, Power button and Volume buttons are frequent contenders for a repair, as they get used and often abused during day to day operation.

    The sound elements of your tablet are also susceptible to damage over time – headphone jack repairs are frequently requested, as are microphone repairs and loudspeaker repairs. The cameras in the tablet are also prone to be damaged, so a front camera repair or a rear camera repair are regularly completed by the technicians. These are only a few of the physical aspects of a tablet that can be repaired or replaced by our tablet repair experts, so whatever your tablet problem, hardware or software, our technicians can offer a great value, great quality repair service.

  • WiFi network setup
    The whole point of a tablet is that it is small and portable, so to make the most of that portability, you need a wireless local area network (Wi-Fi) setting up for your office or home. Setting up your own WiFi network is possible, but it’s also a little complex – you need to be sure you’ve got it right in order to get the best connectivity for your tablet, or you won’t be able to send and receive emails and access the internet.

    Our technicians can install WiFi for you – they will come to an address, choose the best location and set up a wireless router. They will configure your network, secure it, and test it out thoroughly to ensure you are getting the best possible WiFi signal. They will also offer technical advice on any extra kit you may need in order to improve your Wi-Fi signal. Often, WiFi boosters are recommended to ensure your signal reaches the whole of the property (including the garden if you like to work outside in fine weather). You can rely on ComputerMend technicians for sensible technical advice without any jargon.

  • Set up email accounts
    Email is one of life’s essentials both for business and personal use, and your tablet is a convenient way of receiving and sending emails. Correct set-up is essential to ensure your email account works without problems, but setting up email on your tablet can be rather tricky. There are decisions to be made right from the start, such as; POP3 or IMAP? One email address or several? What data needs to be stored? Make the wrong decision, and you could be left out of touch, so it’s best to leave it to the experts.

    Whether you already have an email account, or you need a new one (or several), the technicians can handle the whole process for you. They will connect your tablet to your choice of service provider, set up sender names, email signatures, and data storage. They will run a thorough test of the whole process and leave you with an efficient email service.

  • Calendar and email synchronisation
    Most people who own a tablet computer have other electronic devices such as a smart phone, a laptop or a desktop computer too. In an ideal world, all these devices would talk to each other and keep in sync. The problem comes when they don’t and you run the risk of missing an important email or appointment because you have to check each individual device.

    Because our technicians are technical wizards, they can find innovative ways of ensuring your emails and appointments can be shared across your various devices. They will use their years of experience in all manner of devices and makers to find the best approach, and ensure you have synchronised data across all the various platforms that you use.

  • Software upgrades and installation
    If your software, especially your operating system, is not up to date, your tablet won’t operate at the best possible speed, and you may get error messages and crashes. Not only performance is affected – software updates are issued pretty regularly, and they usually incorporate new features such as improved security and bug fixes, so you may be losing out on some important improvements. Installing new software or updating your operating system can seem a pretty major undertaking, especially if something goes wrong, so you may be more comfortable leaving this task to the experts.

    Our technicians will begin the process by checking the compatibility of your tablet with the proposed installation or upgrade. If there is an issue with compatibility, they can offer advice on other options for your model of tablet. They will uninstall any old and obsolete software, install the new software or the upgrade, set up and ensure auto-updates are working, and run a thorough test to ensure all is well.

  • Malware and virus removal
    If you’re unlucky enough to pick up a virus or your tablet is infected with malware, the end result can be pretty serious, and you need to act quickly. Malware is the name given to malicious software that can get onto your tablet via visits to fake or infected web sites, by downloading dodgy apps, or through opening attachments on emails. Once the malware gets into your tablet, some types are designed to give fraudsters access to personal information such as credit card or bank details, or the destructive types can slow down or even damage your tablet, or delete some or all of your data.

    Malware is usually designed to be hard to track down, and you will need expert help to eradicate it completely. Our technicians have experience in finding all forms of malware, and have the tools and expertise to quickly and safely remove it and restore your tablet to peak performance. They can also install suitable security software for you, and offer helpful advice on avoiding future malware problems.

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Our technicians have accumulated many years of experience in delivering high quality repair and support services for all makes of tablet computer. They take a pride in offering affordable same-day repairs, maintenance and upgrades for tablets, regardless of the make, model, age or where the tablet was bought from.

You are a short step away from an affordable and no obligation quote for your tablet repair, upgrade or diagnosis service. Simply input your postcode in the box at the top of the page, and you can either talk directly to an expert ComputerMend technician, or you can ask for an online quote so that you can compare prices. Whether your tablet is used for business or pleasure, you can’t go wrong when you deal with the technicians at ComputerMend.

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Who we are

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