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We have technicians who can provide a wide-ranging selection of desktop PC support and repair services for homes and businesses all across the UK. Whether the desktop computer is an ASUS, Acer, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba LG, Samsung. In fact, whatever the manufacturer or model, our technicians can service and repair them all. Because our technicians have skills in fixing so many major models and makes of desktop PC, you can be confident that your machine will be in the right hands.We don’t baffle you with tech jargon, although we enjoy technical talk if that’s what you want – just be assured our passion is computers, and our prices are affordable.

Our aim is to provide excellent solutions to software and hardware problems, and we are experts at hunting down and eliminating malware, spyware and viruses. We can supply and install new parts and upgrade your desktop PC to keep it running at full efficiency and we also install and service networks for businesses or homes.

If it’s appropriate, we can come to your home or business premises to carry out our services, or if you prefer, you can bring your desktop computer to the local repair centre where we can perform repairs while-u-wait.

We offer so many services, it’s hard to list them all, but here are some of the call-out and walk-in services that we offer.

Can’t see your problem on our list of services?

Our technicians are multi-skilled, highly experienced and equipped with all the latest diagnostic equipment and tools. We are proud to be able to provide total solutions to the majority of the problems you may encounter with your desktop computer – software or hardware related. Even if you can’t find your specific problem on our list of services below, we are almost certain to be able to help you.

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Our services

Below you will find a brief list of the type of services that we deliver most often for our customers, but they are not the only services that our technicians can provide. If there is something else desktop computer related that you would like us to do for you, please just ask. Our technicians will be delighted to help you and promise to offer you an affordable price for the work.

  • Set up a new desktop PC
    Getting used to a new desktop computer can be a real challenge, and setting one up from scratch is certainly not easy, especially if you have a new operating system to contend with. Correct set-up is vital for the efficient working of our new desktop PC, so don’t leave it to chance, let us do the complicated set-up for you and save you time (and money).

    Setting up a new desktop computer is easy for our technicians – they are familiar with all types of desktops and all current operating systems. We can either come to your home or office, or you can bring your desktop in to our nearest repair centre. Our helpful technicians will ensure the operating system is installed properly, and that all your programmes and preferences are in place. They will test out your network connection and email programme, and see that all auto updates are in place before handing it over to you – ready and waiting for you to use it.
  • Set up a WiFi network
    WiFi (otherwise known as wireless local area network) is a great way of ensuring internet connectivity within your office or home, without having wires installed all around the place. A real advantage of Wi-Fiis that multiple devices can be connected at the same time, meaning you can have a desktop PC and mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, all talking wirelessly to each other. Setting up an effective Wi-Fi network can have complications, so rely on us to make it simple for you.

    Our WiFi installation service means we will set up your wireless router in a suitable place, configure the network, ensure it is secure, then carry out a full test to confirm you can get reliable WiFi access. Our expert technicians will also assess whether you need any additional equipment (e.g. Wi-Fi boosters) to improve your Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Set up email accounts
    Access to email has never been more crucial both in business and in home life, so it is vital that you can access emails on your desktop PC without undue delays. If you’ve ever tried to set up your own email account, you will know how bewildering it can seem – there are so many choices. One email address or multiple addresses? POP3 or IMAP? Which data needs to be stored? Relax, our technicians can set it all up for you and get you connected to your email, fast.

    Whether you already have an email account, or you need one or more new accounts setting up, our technicians will make sure your desktop computer is connected correctly to your chosen email provider. They will define sender names, specify data storage, create email signatures and then thoroughly test the whole process to be sure it’s working as it should. It is our goal to ensure you get your emails on your desktop simply and efficiently.
  • Synchronise calendars and email
    Are you juggling multiple email accounts, calendars and devices? Perhaps your desktop PC is your main computer, but you also want to access your information on a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet while you’re out and about. It’s important to keep everything in sync. or you might miss an appointment or a vital message.

    It may all seem too complicated to handle, but our technicians are usually able to formulate a solution to untangle your digital information and keep you on track. They are used to dealing with all types of devices from major manufacturers, and will advise on the best approach to keeping all your data accessible on your desktop and on the move. Try us, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Operating system installation or upgrade
    If you are looking for an upgrade to your desktop PC operating system, you may be wary of taking such a large step in case you get it wrong. Perhaps you would like to go to Windows 10, but are not sure if your desktop computer is compatible, or you are hesitating in case an error occurs that you can’t deal with. Don’t struggle with the issue of operating system upgrades or installation, let our technicians make the transition for you.

    Our technicians will check out the compatibility of your PC with the new operating system. If it is not compatible, they can make recommendations on the way forward. Assuming all is well, they will get the new OS in place, and uninstall all traces of the old one. The technicians will make sure you have the latest version of all the drivers and that all updates are completed and set to auto update in the future, before carrying out a full test of the system. Once upgraded, they will hand over your desktop PC as good as new.
  • Virus and malware removal
    Are you being held up by slow responses and error messages from your desktop PC? Are your programs crashing more frequently and your processor working at full speed even while the PC should be at rest? These are symptoms of some kind of malware infection such as a trojan, a virus, spyware or a worm. Left untreated, these malware infections can not only affect performance – they can lead to catastrophic data loss and even render your desktop computer useless.

    Malicious programs are often cleverly hidden from view and are hard to trace, so our technicians use the latest in professional malware removal tools to track them down and destroy them. They will clean up your system and thoroughly test out your PC before letting you have it back, along with recommendations for effective virus control software and maintenance routines in the future.
  • Desktop PC security checks
    The best way to deal with malware such as spyware, trojans and worms is to prevent them from getting into your system in the first place. However, once they do gain a foothold, the results can be a disaster as some of them enable data theft and destruction, with grave financial consequences for any business or personal user. In addition to the threat to data, malware causes slow performance and irritating error messages and crashes, so it makes perfect sense to ensure that your desktop security is both efficient and effective.

    ComputerMend technicians have access to the very latest security software that can scan your desktop computer and clean up any malware that it finds. Once cleaned up, the technicians can recommend and install the most appropriate anti-virus programs for your set-up, to keep your desktop safe while you’re online. What’s more, as part of the service, the technicians can advise on how to avoid data breaches, how to browse safely online and how to set effective passwords. Desktop security has never been more crucial, so make sure yours is as good as it can be by consulting the experts.
  • Speed up your desktop PC
    No-one enjoys using a sluggish desktop computer, regardless of whether it is a business machine or something you use at home – we all want speedy responses. It is a fact that over time, all computers tend to get a bit slower. Files are created and saved, large amounts of data get stored away, and you may not even be aware that it’s happening. Suddenly, all those invalid registry entries, old files, bits of obsolete programs and temporary internet files take their toll and you’ve lost the previously sparkling PC performance. Basically, what you need is a data clear down and spring clean, so let the ComputerMend technicians do it for you.

    Our technicians will carry out a performance analysis of your desktop PC, including analysis of the hard disk. After removing all the obsolete data, they can make appropriate adjustments to the various computer settings in order to maximise the speed of your desktop PC. They may recommend the addition of more memory, or even swapping out a mechanical disk drive for a more up to date and rapidly operating solid state version if the PC is able to accommodate it. When the technicians have finished tuning up your computer, they will hand it back, along with practical recommendations on keeping it up to speed in future.
  • Diagnose desktop PC issues
    It isn’t always obvious what is going wrong with your desktop computer – you may be having sporadic program crashes, unexpected error messages or it simply isn’t performing as well as it used to. Don’t ignore the signs of a desktop PC in trouble, or simply replace it with a new one (with all the cost and inconvenience that causes); get our technicians to give it the once-over and you could save yourself time and trouble.

    Our technicians will perform a thorough analysis of your desktop PC, using the best and latest diagnosis techniques and software. The results of the analysis will enable them to identify the source of any problems, and offer appropriate advice to put them right. The solution may be that you need malware removal services, or it could be that improvements of a more technical nature are needed. Perhaps you need an internal hardware upgrade such as more memory or a replacement disk drive, or it could be a software issue such as an out of date operating system. In extreme cases, you may indeed be in need of a new desktop PC – you can rely on the technicians to make the right recommendations for your individual circumstances and ensure you get value for money.
  • Upgrade your desktop PC storage
    There are many reasons why a desktop PC can begin running more slowly than you would like, and one of the frequently encountered causes is either an outdated hard drive or lack of memory. When confronted with this problem, people often assume they will need to buy a new desktop PC, but that isn’t always the case. If your desktop computer is capable of receiving an upgrade to the hard drive, or has space for more memory, you may be able to get improved performance without the cost and inconvenience of swapping out your old PC for a new one.

    Firstly, our technicians will assess your individual data storage requirements, which will vary from user to user, and are dependent on how you use your PC. Having established your needs, and assessed the capabilities of the PC, they will make recommendations which could include inserting extra memory, or swapping out a mechanical hard drive for a faster solid state drive. The upgrade will involve carefully opening up the desktop case (under clean static-free conditions), and then adding or replacing the components. After installation, the technician will ensure all updates and drivers are in place and then thoroughly test out the whole system before handing you back your upgraded desktop PC.
  • Back-up your data
    You never know when disaster will strike, and all electronic devices are prone to failure, damage, malware attacks and simple bad luck. If your desktop PC were to stop working tomorrow, would you be able to put your hands on your precious data? This is where a regular secure data back-up process can be a life-saver. It can be inconvenient if you lose access to your own personal files such as photos, music, emails etc., but loss of ready access to data can be fatal for a business.

    Our technicians can give expert advice on setting up a regular (and usually automated) secure back-up process, which will ensure that your data is readily available in the event of a disaster. If your desktop PC has undergone a catastrophic failure, they can even offer a data retrieval service to get you up and running with minimal delays. You can’t foresee the future, so talk to our expert technicians about backing up and storing your precious information.
  • Transfer your desktop PC data
    If you have taken the plunge and decided your old desktop PC should be replaced with a new one, it can take time and effort to get all your old settings, data, applications and configurations from the old machine to the new machine. We appreciate how complex a task this can be, especially if your replacement desktop PC has a new and upgraded operating system for you to get used to as well. Our technicians will be happy to handle the whole task for you, as long as the new operating system is compatible with the old one (e.g. moving from Windows 8 to Windows 10).

    Our expert technicians will transfer all the files you wish to retain, plus your settings, from the old PC to the new PC, and will try to make the new desktop computer feel familiar right from the outset. They will place folders and contents (such as music, photos and documents) into the locations where you would expect them to be, and will recreate the feel of the original operating system as far as is practical. Our aim is for you to be able to get up and running on your new desktop PC without delay.
  • Desktop PC hardware repair or replacement
    If you are experiencing problems with your desktop computer, you will want to get the problem diagnosed and repaired quickly and economically. Our technicians pride themselves on operating a repair first policy, where they will always try to fix a faulty part before they recommend replacement. This can save you money, and you will be amazed at the types of repairs that can be effected. If a part cannot be repaired, then it will be replaced – buying a new desktop PC is the last resort.

    The technicians can repair or replace many and varied parts for you – keyboards, display screens, graphic cards, power supplies, speakers and even entire motherboards. Sometimes, all that is needed to fix your problems is a decent clean, as dust and dirt accumulating around ventilation slots can cause overheating and loss of performance. Trust our technicians to provide the best of desktop PC repairs and services, at your home, office or at the repair centre.
  • Repairs for liquid damage
    Have you ever dropped a cup of coffee on your keyboard, or maybe spilled something over the monitor or processor? It’s really easily done, and electronic devices and liquids are a very bad combination. There are some immediate steps you need to take to prevent further damage to the PC, or worse, the risk of electrocution to the user.

    • If it’s safe to do so, tell the computer to switch itself off. Turn the PC off at the mains and unplug it.
    • If the keyboard was the only part affected, unplug it and try to drain the liquid out then mop it with kitchen towel or tissues.
    • If the monitor or processor were affected, mop the surface liquid up with kitchen towel or tissues and leave them unplugged.
    • Never use a hairdryer, this will just cause more problems.
    • Your PC is now in need of expert attention as most liquids leave harmful residues. Leave your PC powered off, and contact the nearest ComputerMend expert technician for advice on next steps.

Our technicians will safely strip down your desktop PC, carefully remove residues from the liquid, and make a damage assessment. In the majority of cases, they will replace any damaged components, power the desktop PC up again, then test it fully before letting you have it back. In the rare event that the desktop PC is totally beyond economical repair, they will offer advice on preservation and recovery of your data.

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Our ComputerMend technicians are experienced and qualified in repairs to all models and major makes of desktop computers. They use their knowledge and skills to offer affordable maintenance, upgrades and repairs to desktop PCs – regardless of the age, model and make, and no matter where they were bought from.

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Who we are

Who we are

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