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We have knowledgeable technicians who can provide a huge selection of Apple Mac repair and support services for homes and businesses all across the UK. Whatever model of Apple Mac you own – a MacBook, an iMac, a Mac Pro or a Mac Mini, our technicians have the skills and experience to repair all of them. The technicians won’t try to baffle you by talking technical jargon (unless you fancy a technical chat), but they will offer a high quality cost-effective repair and support service for your Mac.

We always aim to deliver the best possible solutions to any hardware or software related problems. For example, we can ensure your Mac has the latest version of operating system (OS) in place and working, and we can offer a whole host of repairs, replacement parts and upgrades to keep your Mac in prime condition. We also offer service and support to home and business networks.

Our call-out service offering means we can come to your home or office to implement your upgrade or repair, and we also offer a walk-in service where you can visit a local repair centre for a while-u-wait repair.

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There are so many Apple Mac upgrade and repair services available, we can’t possibly list them all here, so if you can’t see the service you require, contact our repair technicians directly to discuss your needs.

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We have a network of multi-skilled technicians, equipped with the best in diagnosis tools and equipment, who aim to provide a total solution to your Mac problems. Whether you have a hardware issue such as a damaged screen or keyboard, or a software issue such as a frozen Mac, they are there to help, even if the problem isn’t listed here.

Simply scroll to the top of the page, type in your postcode and you’ll be able to locate and contact your nearest technicians. Or, if you prefer, complete the form to request a quote (free of charge and no-obligation), and the technicians will get back to you.

Our services

We have listed here a selection of the types of Mac repair and upgrade services that our customers request most frequently, but every situation is different, and your specific problem may not be shown. If that is the case, please don’t hesitate to ask – our technicians are experts in all aspects of Apple Mac computers, and would be delighted to be helpful and solve your particular problem, quickly and at a fair price.

  • Set up your new Apple Mac
    Setting up a new Apple Mac can seem a daunting task, especially if you’re also new to Apple’s operating system (OS). There are all sorts of great features and apps available to make using your Mac an absolute dream, but you need to be careful to choose the right ones to ensure you get a good user experience. This is where the ComputerMend technicians can be so helpful, as they are true Apple experts.

    Our technicians have worked with every type of Apple computer from iMac to MacBook, Mac Mini to Mac Pro. They can set up your Mac to send and receive emails, ensure your OS is up to date, that all the correct apps are in place and working, and auto-updates are running correctly. They will set up and test out your network connection and then hand you a fully functional Mac all ready to go.

  • Set up WiFi networks
    A great feature of Apple devices is that they can all keep in sync with each other all the time, but to take advantage of this capability, you need WiFi (wireless local area network) running in your home or office. Wi-Fi ensures internet connectivity without having wires trailing all around your room. However, setting up an effective WiFi network can seem complicated and is best left to the experts.

    The WiFi installation service that we offer includes our technicians visiting the property and setting up a wireless router in the most suitable location, configuring the network, making the network secure, and then completing a full network test to ensure you get a reliable Wi-Fi signal. Our technical experts can also offer advice on extra equipment that may help to enhance your WiFi experience, such as installing WiFi boosters in certain locations.

  • Email account set-up
    It’s hard to imagine personal or business life without email access, so you need your emails delivering efficiently and speedily to and from your Apple Mac. If you have ever tried to set up your own email on a device, you will know how daunting a task it can be. There are many decisions to be made such as whether to use IMAP or POP3, whether to have one account or several, what data you will need to store, and so it goes on. Our email set up service is just what you need to take the worry out of the process.

    Our technicians can work with existing email accounts, or set up one or more new accounts for you. They can connect your Mac to your choice of email account provider, define your sender names and email signatures, and set up your data storage. They can then test out the whole process to ensure it’s working efficiently, and you are up and running with emails on your Mac – it’s as easy as that.

  • Email and calendar data synchronisation
    Apple devices have a great facility that allows them to sync to each other, so if you have a Mac and an iPhone for example, they will both talk to each other and everything should be in sync. However, what if it’s not working properly, or you have other, non-Apple devices, that you would also like to sync to? It’s hard to keep track of your emails and appointments across multiple platforms.

    Our technicians can ensure your Apple devices sync to each other properly, and also come up with innovative approaches to syncing to your other devices. Their years of experience over multiple devices from major manufacturers means that they know the best ways to approach this task, and keep all your data up to date and available all the time.

  • Apple operating system (OS) upgrade/installation
    Apple send out upgrades to their OS on a regular basis to fix bugs, improve performance and introduce cool new features. If you don’t keep your Mac OS up to date, you are potentially missing out on new features, and may be suffering poor performance as a result. If you’re unsure whether your Mac model is compatible with a particular upgrade, or don’t know how to proceed, why not put the whole process into the hands of the experts?

    The first thing our technicians will do is to check out your Mac’s compatibility with the latest version of OS – if there is a compatibility issue, they will recommend the next best option. If the Mac is compatible, they will upgrade to the latest version of OS, ensure all auto-updates and features are up and running, then thoroughly test out the system. Your Mac will be handed back to you fully upgraded and running at its best.

  • Virus or malware removal
    Apple devices are pretty much immune to common viruses, assuming that the apps you upload all come from a legitimate source. However, it is still possible to get a virus or malware infection via malicious emails or by downloading apps from an infected site. The variety of malware that is most often reported on Mac computers actually mimics anti-virus software, tells you it has found a virus, and asks you to give your credit card details so that the virus can be removed. It is important to react quickly if you have any suspicion that malware or a virus has struck – call in the experts.

    It can be difficult to track down the source of the problem, as malware is notoriously clever at covering its tracks, but our technicians have seen it all before. They will track down and remove the offending items, clean up the system and test it out. You will get your cleaned-up Mac back, along with friendly and practical advice on future avoidance of malware and virus infections.

  • Speed up your Apple Mac
    Whether your Mac is a home or a business machine, you need it to be operating at full speed, but you may have noticed that it is beginning to take too long tostart up, and run a little slower than it did. The problem is that bits of data accumulate in your Mac’s memory, taking up space and slowing down the processes. There may be corrupt files, bits of old apps, or old data that is just sitting there unused and forgotten. Basically, your Mac needs a total data clean-up and tune-up, so let the ComputerMend technicians take a look at it for you.

    The technicians will analyse the performance of your Apple Mac to identify what is causing the performance issues. After clearing down all the obsolete data, the next step is to ensure that you have the correct (usually the latest) version of the Apple operating system (OS) correctly installed. They will also take a look at the way your hard disk is operating to make sure it is set up for efficient operation, and finally check out the boot up sequence to ensure you don’t have unwanted apps loading each time you start up. Your Mac will come back to you with a smooth, quick start-up, and operating at the best possible speed.

  • Diagnose Apple Mac issues
    You may have noticed that your Mac is not operating as well as it used to; apps may freeze, crash or simply refuse to run or you may get error messages that you just don’t understand. No need to suffer with an inefficient Mac, get our experts to diagnose the issues and resolve them for you quickly and cost-effectively.

    The technicians will begin by running a thorough system test of your Mac to see where the source of any problem lies. Whether the problem is with the hardware or the software, they will identify the root cause, and then set about correcting it. The solution may be as simple as removing and re-installing the operating system, or one or more apps. The solution may be a more technically complex hardware-related issue. Whatever the problem, the technicians will fix it quickly, efficiently and at an affordable cost.

  • Upgrade Apple Mac storage
    Among the many reasons for reduced operating speed in a Mac computer can be that you are running out of data storage space. You may think this means that you need a new computer, but in fact many Mac models can have a storage upgrade installed. It is always a good idea to get an expert to carry out this type of work to ensure you get the result you wanted.

    Our technicians will assess your Mac model to ensure it is capable of receiving an upgrade, and then they will carefully open up the case under clean conditions and install the new components. After completing the upgrade, they will thoroughly test out the system to check that everything is working as it should be. Your upgraded Mac will then be able to give you yet more years of faithful service.

  • Data back-up services
    Backing up your critical data makes total sense, but it is a precaution that can easily be overlooked. If your Mac is a home machine, you may be inconvenienced by loss of files such as music and photos, but if it is a business machine, you can’t afford to risk the loss of your vital business data. Performing a regular back-up to a secure location is simple and easy to do, so if your Mac should suffer a catastrophe, at least your data will be saved.

    You can trust our expert technicians for advice on the best way to back up your data to a secure location, and how to automate the process. This will make sure that in the event of a disaster, you can get your hands on the data with minimal delay, and you can keep your business up and running. Talk to our technical experts about data storage and retrieval today.

  • Data transfer services
    If you are moving to a Mac from a different type of computer, or you are moving to a new Mac from an old one, you will need to be sure that your data, preferences, settings and apps transfer from the old one to the new one. This can be a tricky task, which you may not wish to tackle on your own. Why not hand the whole thing over to our expert technicians and save yourself time and effort?

    Our technicians can take all your old data and information, and ensure it is transferred to the new Mac. They will place your files in locations where you can find them quickly and easily, and they can also set up your new Mac to work and feel as similar to the old computer possible. The aim is to make it easy for you to get up to speed on your new Mac.

  • Apple Mac hardware repair/replacement
    Any hardware problems with your Mac need to be resolved rapidly and economically, so you should get our technicians to diagnose them as soon as possible. You will be pleased to know that they operate with a ‘repair first’ mindset – this means that if something can be repaired rather than replaced, it will be, and recommending that you scrap your old Mac is the last resort. It may astonish you to learn how many types of repairs can actually be done, whereas some computer repair centres simply replace hardware without thinking about a repair.

    Our technicians can repair (or replace) lots of Mac hardware; from keyboards to displays, power supplies to charging jacks, batteries, hard drives, speakers and even graphic cards and motherboards. Sometimes the problem is related to accumulated dust and dirt in the ventilation slots, which causes overheating and loss of performance, which can be remedied by a good clean-out. You can rely on our technicians to always recommend the most cost-effective solution to your Mac hardware problems.

  • Liquid damage repair
    Liquids and electronics do not mix, so spilling a drink over your Mac can cause all sorts of problems. The best way to react to a liquid spill is to work quickly, to minimise the impact on the Mac, and to keep yourself safe too.

    • If you’re plugged into the mains and you feel it is safe, power down the Mac, then switch off and unplug the mains lead.
    • If you’re on battery, pull out the battery.
    • Wherever the liquid landed, try to drain as much of it away as possible and then pat the surfaces dry with kitchen towel or tissues (no hairdryers, they cause more problems than they solve).
    • Don’t switch on the Mac again, put it into the hands of the experts at ComputerMend as quickly as you can.

    The technicians will strip down the Apple Mac with care, and assess the amount of damage that has been caused. Using approved techniques, they will remove any liquid and residues, then carry out any repairs that have been made necessary by the incident. Once repaired, they will carry out a full system test and get your Mac back to you as soon as possible. If the Mac proves to be beyond recovery, or if the disk drive has been extensively damaged, they can offer advice on how to recover your important data.

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Technicians at ComputerMend have years of experience in repair services for all models of Apple Mac computers. Their skills and knowledge enable them to offer rapid and affordable repairs, upgrades and maintenance for Apple Macs, irrespective of the age of the device, or where it was purchased from.

To get a no obligation quote for an economical Apple Mac repair, maintenance or upgrade, or to talk directly to a ComputerMend technician, go to the top of the page, then input your postcode. You will see contact details of local technicians, and you can ask for a quote, or discuss your Apple Mac (home or business) requirements with them.

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Who we are

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