How Impatient Are You With Websites?

Research has shown that in fact we are all very impatient, and we’re getting worse. Apparently, the majority of people won’t wait for more than 3 seconds for a web page to load up, before moving on elsewhere, and this is particularly true of shopping websites. In fact, a detailed analysis by Dynatrace, a firm who measure digital performance, has discovered that adding one half second to web page loading times can lose a website 10% of their sales, which can be a staggering loss of trade. What’s more, page loading times are getting longer, not shorter, and we don’t have to look too far to see some of the reasons why. Continue reading

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Ink Jet Printer Problems

Ink jet printers are one of the most frustrating pieces of computer equipment – they can send you totally around the twist. One minute they’re working happily away, churning out perfect prints, and then suddenly they either stop for no apparent reason, or issue yet another demand for ink, even though you put some in last week – where does it all go? It’s maddening! Actually, it turns out that one of the biggest causes of home ink jet printer malfunction is dried up ink which can block the printer nozzles, and it’s usually caused by under-use. You may have gone away for a couple of weeks’ holiday, and found you have a non-functioning printer when you get back, simply because all the ink has evaporated while you were away.

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ComputerMend Members are a Varied Group

Any group of individuals will have similarities and differences, and the ComputerMend network of computer repair technicians is no exception. I have been talking to the people who have joined the network, and I can honestly say, they are as varied a group as it is possible to imagine. What they all have in common is the passion for providing the highest quality services in computer repair, software support and other support services, at the best possible price, to keep you up to speed and online. Continue reading

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Apple Mac Gotofail Bug

Apple Macs have a reputation for being immune to virus and malware attacks, but is that really true? The answer is no – in fact, the Mac operating system (OS X), although less prone to attacks than Windows, does have some areas of vulnerability. Macs actually tend to be targeted less often by malware developers for several reasons. Firstly, there are fewer of them in use than there are Windows computers, so any malware that targets OS X would tend to yield smaller results, making attacks less economically viable. Secondly, OS X is based on Unix, which has built-in security features. Finally, Apple have developed security measures that run in the background of a Mac, and the user is usually unaware that they are operating – Gatekeeper is one example. Gatekeeper prevents non Apple approved software from running on a Mac without user permission, so malware can’t creep in without you knowing about it. Continue reading

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ComputerMend is Now Live!

We are delighted to announce that ComputerMend, the network of computer repair technicians based all across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, has gone live. Our network members can proudly boast over 400 years of combined experience in repairing, upgrading and maintaining computers of all ages and models and from all major manufacturers, and they offer walk-in and call-out services. ComputerMend was established with the clear vision of enabling individuals or businesses with computer problems to get access to honest, reliable and above all affordable repairs and upgrades, without having to travel for miles. The technicians in the network are experts at what they do, and they promise local, effective repairs, without too much jargon (unless of course you enjoy technical talk!), and always with a smile.

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Who we are

We are a computer repair network covering England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Our technicians have accumulated over 400 years of experience in computer repairs. ComputerMend was created with a single vision, to provide reliable, honest and affordable desktop PC, laptop, tablet and Apple Mac repairs to both commercial and private customers across the UK. Our technicians are able to provide just the service you need - local, professional repairs at affordable prices. Lots of smiles at no extra cost

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We have affordable, rapid desktop PC, laptop, tablet and Apple Mac repair services near you.

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With ComputerMend repair centres available across the whole of the UK, our locally-based teams can be trusted to either repair (or buy back) your computer at a suitable price. Contact a local technician for rapid, cost-effective desktop PC, laptop, tablet or Mac repairs.

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